Worker’s transnational networks in austerity times.

The above is the title of my presentation at the Oslo Center for Advanced Studies’ conference “Labour and transnational action in times of crisis: from case studies to theory.”

Here is the program of the conference, which took place from 26 to 28 of February, 2014.

And here is my presentation’s “prezi”:

The photo that accompanies this post was taken in Oslo. It portrays the ‘Match Factory Girls’ – the statue is situated next to a bridge that crosses a waterfall and guides the curious passerby to the city’s Workers’ Museum.

In the aftermath of the conference, I was invited by the anarchist group MotMakt to deliver a brief presentation on the Greek movement, followed by a Q&A session. ┬áThat was a truly great event. It took place in Oslo’s best bar, TaxiTakeAway.

Here’s the prezi for the MotMakt┬ápresentation:

And here’s the event poster: