New publication: “Die griechische Gewerkschaftsbewegung: Protest- und Sozialbewegungen im Kontext der Austeritäts-politik”

An article of mine just got published in the Hans-Böckler Foundation journal, “WSI-Mitteilungen”.

The title is:

Trade Unions in Greece: Protest and Social Movements in the Context of Austerity Politics.

Die griechische Gewerkschaftsbewegung: Protest- und Sozialbewegungen im Kontext der Austeritäts-politik.

I am deeply thankful to my friend and colleague Heiner Dribusch for the careful editing, useful comments and translation in German.

The full text, in German, can be found here.

And here’s the abstract:

Even before the 2008 crisis, the Greek trade union system was already characterized by low density and weak links to other societal actors. The unsuccessful union response to the austerity policies imposed on Greece reflected the extent of the weakness of the institutional labour organisations. This article provides some insights into the changes the workers’ movement has been undergoing in this challenging environment. The focus is on three levels of analysis: First, the inability of the established union elites to propose structural reforms for the unions, which would have strengthened their negotiating capacity in a post-tripartite setting. Second, the rank-and-file efforts to connect with the anti-austerity mobilisation and introduce labour-related claims in the movements’ agenda. And finally, hybrid experiments developed at the local level, aimed at building up solidarity structures for the suffering population.