EastBordNet Conference, 2011: Framing the mirror

Together with the good friends and colleagues Myrssini Antoniou and Markos Zampoglou, we presented in the EastBordNet Conference, 2011 (Catania, Italy), a paper on Myrssini’s artwork “the Mirror”. We also exhibited the artwork itself during the conference.


Title: Framing the mirror: tracing the boundaries of narrativity in interactive media

Authors: Antoniou Myrssini, Vogiatzoglou Markos, Zampoglou Markos

Abstract: This paper will discuss an interactive installation, first presented in Athens, during the 15th AntiRacist festival, 2010. The installation is a digital “mirror” hanging on a wall, reflecting the spectators that stand before it as different people of random gender, age, race and social status.

 Our theoretical analysis, which includes the projects’ setup and the feedback it received, is based on three conceptual axes: interface, interaction and narrativity.

 The interface, as a constructed and designed space, digital or tangible, functions as a border between the user and the application. The permeability of this border depends, primarily, on the technical choices of the designer as well as the context in which the artwork is presented. Within the context of interaction, we focus on the process through which the participant is invited to see the “other” reflected in the “self”.Finally, narrativity, within the context of new media, allows for a multiplicity of stories, meanings, fragments, images, characters, etc., a multiplicity that derives from the complexity of the medium.

We therefore have, on the one hand, a narrative playing with the notion of the border, and on the other hand, an attempt to investigate the extent to which the spectator of an interactive piece, perceives and recreates the narrative space in which he is immersed. Which are the most persistent borders that keep recreating themselves?

This work aims at exploring the ways in which the meta-narrative of the spectator is shaped and how it transforms as we redesign the structural elements of the project and we reposition it in place.