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Q&A on the Greek elections’ outcome

This Q&A is an attempt to respond to questions raised by non-Greek friends on the outcome of the 2015 elections.

Why did SYRIZA go into an alliance with populist right-wing ANEL?

There was no other option. Or, better put, the other options were even worse. Given that Tsipras had dismissed a potential alliance with formerly governing New Democracy (ND) and PASOK, and given that the communist KKE had ruled out offering any sort of support to a left-wing government, the two parties left to choose from were:

– ANEL (Independent Greeks), a right-wing populist party, fiercely anti-troika but completely unreliable, apart from the fact that they are truly fucking right-wing in socio-political issues
– and POTAMI (“the River”), a post-politics, neo-liberal, pseudo-party financed by media giants, ...

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Videos from the event #TradeUnionism2013 (GR)

Here’s the links to the video coverage of the event “#Trade Unionism 2013 in Greece”, co-organized by Red Notebook and Enthemata Avgis, in which I had the pleasure to participate.



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Intervention at Il giardino dei ciliegi, 31/03/2012: Are we all Greeks?

On the 31st of March, the Florentine feminist and cultural organization “Il Giardino dei ciliegi” and Fondazione Balducci are hosting an event on Europe, the crisis and the anti-austerity movements. I will make a brief intervention, presenting the Greek anti-austerity movements in an international perspective – namely, focusing on the international solidarity and co-ordination issues that arise.

More info on the event here (in Italian).

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Intervention at Casa del Popolo di Fiesole, 23/03/2012

On the 23rd of March, 2012, I will participate in a discussion organized by Prof. Bernardi in the Casa del Popolo di Fiesole. The discussion is on European anti-austerity movements, and in my intervention I will sketch and analyze the contemporary anti-austerity movements in Greece.

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