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Glovatron is an interactive artwork by Myrssini Antoniou, Vesela Mihaylova and Sotiris Katsimpas, exhibited at Ars Electronica 2010. I had some involvement in conceptualizing and script-writing.

Watch the promotional video for more details 🙂  – we shot it in a burning hot Thessaloniki (mid-August, 45 degrees), under the guidance of our wise director, John Akis.


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EastBordNet Conference, 2011: Framing the mirror

Together with the good friends and colleagues Myrssini Antoniou and Markos Zampoglou, we presented in the EastBordNet Conference, 2011 (Catania, Italy), a paper on Myrssini’s artwork “the Mirror”. We also exhibited the artwork itself during the conference.


Title: Framing the mirror: tracing the boundaries of narrativity in interactive media

Authors: Antoniou Myrssini, Vogiatzoglou Markos, Zampoglou Markos

Abstract: This paper will discuss an interactive installation, first presented in Athens, during the 15th AntiRacist festival, 2010. The installation is a digital “mirror” hanging on a wall, reflecting the spectators that stand before it as different people of random gender, age, race and social status.

 Our theoretical analysis, which includes the projects’ setup and the feedback it...

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