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Trade Unions in Greece: Protest and Social Movements in the Context of Austerity Politics

The “Labor Relations in Context” research group of the Hans-Böckler Stiftung organized a conference in Düsseldorf on developments in European trade unions’ issues.

I presented there the following paper:

Title: “Trade Unions in Greece: Protest and Social Movements in the Context of Austerity Politics”.

Abstract: On the eve of the 2008 financial crisis, the Greek trade union system was already characterized by low density and weak links with other societal actors. The unsuccessful trade union response to the austerity policies imposed on the country in the period 2010-2013 reflected the extent of the institutional labor organizations’ weakness. This article provides some insights on the changes the workers’ movement is undergoing in this extremely challenging environment.

The focus is ...

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Worker’s transnational networks in austerity times.

The above is the title of my presentation at the Oslo Center for Advanced Studies’ conference “Labour and transnational action in times of crisis: from case studies to theory.”

Here is the program of the conference, which took place from 26 to 28 of February, 2014.

And here is my presentation’s “prezi”:

The photo that accompanies this post was taken in Oslo. It portrays the ‘Match Factory Girls’ – the statue is situated next to a bridge that crosses a waterfall and guides the curious passerby to the city’s Workers’ Museum.

In the aftermath of the conference, I was invited by the anarchist group MotMakt to deliver a brief presentation on the Greek movement, followed by a Q&A session...

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International solidarity in austerity times – Göttingen, April 2014

The above is the title of the paper I presented in Hans Böckler Stiftung’s conference “International solidarity reloaded”, which took place in Göttingen, April 2-4, 2014.

The conference was a great experience, overall. High quality presentations, interesting debates and flawless organization. Congratulations to the organizing committee from the University of Göttingen Graduate School.

In the attached link, you may find my “prezi” presentation.



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EastBordNet Conference, 2011: Framing the mirror

Together with the good friends and colleagues Myrssini Antoniou and Markos Zampoglou, we presented in the EastBordNet Conference, 2011 (Catania, Italy), a paper on Myrssini’s artwork “the Mirror”. We also exhibited the artwork itself during the conference.


Title: Framing the mirror: tracing the boundaries of narrativity in interactive media

Authors: Antoniou Myrssini, Vogiatzoglou Markos, Zampoglou Markos

Abstract: This paper will discuss an interactive installation, first presented in Athens, during the 15th AntiRacist festival, 2010. The installation is a digital “mirror” hanging on a wall, reflecting the spectators that stand before it as different people of random gender, age, race and social status.

 Our theoretical analysis, which includes the projects’ setup and the feedback it...

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ECPR Conference, 2011: A precarious December

In the 2011 general ECPR Conference (Reykjavik, Iceland) I presented a paper on the effects of the December Riots on the Athenian precarious workers’ unions.

Title: A precarious December: Flexible workers’ unions in the aftermath of a youth rebellion

Abstract: In December 2008, the killing of a 15-year-old boy by a police officer sparked a series of violent clashes between police and demonstrators all over Greece. This contentious episode, usually referred to as the ‘December Riots’, was by no means connected to labor claims, nor the demonstrations were supported by the official Greek union structure. Howbeit, in the months that followed, several  grassroots  unions and labor organizations were formed in Greece, in workplaces where flexible labor relations prevail...

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