Analyze Greece: an English-language website from the frontline of the crisis.

AnalyzeGreece! is a brand new project, aiming to deliver top-quality analysis of the situation in Greece, for English-speaking audience. I am one of the (more than 70!) contributors. Here’s some of the articles I’ve contributed:

What would a Syriza victory mean for the movements?

StripGreece series: An analysis of the 2015 election’s visual propaganda (all articles co-authored with Myrssini Antoniou)

StripGreece 1: Shooting dice

StripGreece 2: The video director of ND has been fired!

StripGreece 3: The graphic designer is on leave. Permanently.

StripGreece 5: 2015 Campaign slogans and images

StripGreece 6: A department store poster


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